Regularly Serviced Cleaning

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Service Ventura County House Cleaning Maid Service - Violet's Maids BathOur clients love the ease and convenience of life with our regular scheduled maid services. Depending on your needs and wants, we can be scheduled to fit your home cleaning needs. Benefits of regular maid service home cleaning: Saves you loads of time You always feel comfortable and confident that your home is clean and ready for your guests You avoid the hassles and time cleaning the things you don’t like cleaning, like chandeliers, baseboards, toilets, bathtubs, shower doors, and so much more. We keep all of these things clean for you. We make sure your vacuuming is done regularly which helps your carpets last much longer and look better. Better mental health because you are surrounded by a clean, tidy environment compared to a cluttered, dirty one. More pride in your home and surroundings. This helps your children and others pickup after themselves more often. We offer regular cleaning intervals to fit exactly what your needs are. You don’t even need to be home because as your trusted maid service, we can handle all the details for you while you’re working or otherwise away.